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Growing Up In The Sixties, Los Angeles “The Times They Were A Changin”

By Linda Lee Laurel

It was 1967 The Summer of Love. The times they were changing, I was noticing that guys were growing their hair and my hip friends were dressing different. There was something in the air and I could feel the excitement. It would be an extreme understatement to say there was a whole lot going on that summer.

I know for me it […]

Sexuality as a disease

Unravelling humanity

I have already discussed some of the problems with sexuality, and this post follows from the last.

Human morality is an aberration of consciousness and a social construct designed to help control the population. It dictates which body parts can be displayed in public and this comes from a sense of morality espoused by the Church of Rome and the priests unable to understand or deal with the human body.

Sex is natural and we engage in sexual […]

The Female Deer Exercise

Sexual Empowerment for Women

Awakening the Goddess Within We believe that this simple Qi Gong exercise to increase Women’s Vitality, Sexual Health, Fertility and Pleasure has its roots in tantra and can be performed once or twice daily, except during menstruation or pregnancy.

The Female Deer Exercise tones the female endocrine system, increasing overall vitality, sensuality, centeredness, and turns uncomfortable bottled-up sexual desire into relaxed, enjoyable sensuality. It cultivates sexual energy, improves overall vitality and mental alertness, improves sexual enjoyment, […]

Getting Massaged

Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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Massage Relieving Period Pain

Rub that pain away

Massage is a solution for the millions of women who regularly suffer from irregular and heavy periods, menorrhagia, pain and excessive bleeding which can be debilitating causing days off work, depression and moodiness. Period pain also causes an excess use of pain relief medication that can also have a negative effect on her health.

Period pain is seen as a congestion of the body tissues caused by a lack of exercise and malnutrition and massage helps […]

Pelvic Exams

Many women’s dread

Pelvic exams are something doctors recommend that every woman needs to have done every year or so from about the age of 18 or when becoming sexually active or if you have any unusual vaginal discharge, or menstrual problems.

If you don’t know your own body, then yes its a good idea. Pelvic massage is nicer than a cold speculum

Pelvic or vaginal examinations should detect any abnormalities in the reproductive and urinary systems and […]

Women’s hips

There have always been women’s hips

Through centuries of sunrises and sunsets, there have always been women’s hips.

Hips swaying under the stars, dancing to the rhythm of the wind, singing the songs of our ancestors, worshipping the very life they create.

Before man discovered fire and electricity, there have always been women’s hips.

Hips beaming with fire and light, exuding aliveness.

Source of renewable energy, the reason for evolution and incentive for revolutions,

the birthplace of desire, hips blossoming, […]

Women go topless

It’s not about sex: It’s about freedom

In some cultures, woman still go topless and people have no issues about nudity because nudity is completely natural and anyone who has a problem about nudity has a psychological problem.

The Brassier is a modern development that was originally designed to keep large breasted woman a little more comfortable during some activities. But the only science says it is potentially harmful, there is absolutely no scientific proof that it contributes it anyway […]

Natural Beauty Tips

As within, so without

Beauty reflects our inherent nature, our desire to become and our achievement in being

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore it resonates differently in everyone.

Beauty does not judge yet we are drawn to and inspired by beauty.

Beauty is in all life including:

The human form, it’s elements, the warmth of smiles, relationships, ideas, nature and all that gives life.


Treatment and Prevention of Menstrual Difficulties

A symptom of imbalance

Are you one of the millions of women who suffers from irregular, heavy periods with pain and excessive bleeding.

Such debilitation can cause days off work, depression, moodiness and an overuse of pain relief medication which may secondary negative effects on health. Pain killers only mask the symptoms, they do not address the cause of the problem and over time, they become addictive.

Millions of women suffer from irregular and heavy periods which may include, pain […]