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The joy of massage

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Massage is something primal and as we know, even animals love having their bodies rubbed. History tells us that massage became more systematized over the past 5000 years and that it developed in all cultures.

By examining the history of massage, we see that it is instinctive, it is a part of our humanity. Therefore, everyone is capable of delivering massage to some degree, and many times we all perform some self massage to relieve the stress and tiredness in our bodies.

Our natural instinctive ability to massage another person is shaped by the many schools and institutions that offer training. Unfortunately, the so many of these institutions are so highly politicised that the therapist come away with admirable academic qualifications and a very poor hands-on skills.

A major problem with delivering massage today is the way that not only have we been divided against each other and against our bodies. We are of course divided against each other for political and economic control which most of us can do nothing about except vote wisely.

But as the confusion of life, we forget that we have been divided against ourselves. Vast numbers of people learn through their childhood that the body is something evil and that some of our body parts should not be seen by anyone except a doctor.

Massage works against social and personal derision and phobias, massage, seeks to unite the person with their body. Unfortunately today, the politicisation of the massage industry means that massage clients are becoming more like medical clients as they are treated in part instead of in whole.

In many countries, massage is not regulated and am glad to say that I live in one of these unregulated countries where massage is able to flourish as both an art and a science. But even here, divisions run deep in the psyche of the general population and the majority must be treated as part beings rather than whole beings.

When massaging

The pleasure in being a massage therapist is to see clients recover from their ailment and become more whole. But the real joy comes from seeing clients who not only recover from their ailments, but who also accept and integrate their greater whole. When this happens, their body takes on a new radiance and they take on a new level of self responsibility, which can only be described as spiritual.

When being massaged

The massage itself is usually a curious mix of discomfort, niceness and pleasure as every muscle in the body is carefully squeezed, twisted and stretched to the very edge of comfortable limits.

Oftentimes the recipient will slip away into a deep relaxation where both the body and the therapist become absent from consciousness. This is often where some very good ‘letting go’ takes place.

The pleasure in having one’s entire body treated is not fully describable, however, the feeling of lightness and bliss afterwards is simply divine.

Technically, during a massage the effleurage movements create a friction which energises the body, the firm pressure and squeezing of the muscles releases stress and toxins, and almost any rubbing of the body, even when done by someone untrained always leaves one feeling better.

- More energy - Increased levels of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine; - Decreased levels of cortisol, an indicator of #stress; - An overall improvement in mood.

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Massage is one of the best approaches to relieving stress and restoring health.

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