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What is Holism?

People ask what is holism, this is not easy to describe but we can look at it like this:


We are more than our parts

  • We are a universal community of space - time - matter - consciousness.
  • Planet Earth and our Bodies are Individual Communities within the Greater Whole.
  • The Greater Whole is Permeated and Shaped by Consciousness.

Life is a Symbiotic Community of Communities that are all Interwoven and Interdependent, but we dissect them to investigate and understand, and then we often get lost within the element of study which becomes the 'all'.

Remembering or even recognizing the all is one of humanities challenges as no thing can be understood out of context with the 'whole'. We can not understand or effectively manage dis-ease or wellness without appreciating 'all' that we are.

Understanding the 'all' is perhaps the reason that we are here - enlightenment.

Seeking to connect or commune with the 'all' is culturally discouraged in many societies, the truth seekers disparaged, especially when they point out the dangers of going against nature or the spirit of holism and unity.

It is through yoga and other self disciplines that we learn to appreciate and harmonize our personal component communities; Our bones, muscles, connective tissues, organs, fluids and consciousness work interdependently and cooperatively so that our bodies, minds and spirits work together.

As our individual selves harmonize, the whole becomes more apparent and we can merge - commune and understand our divine nature.

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