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What is Holistic?

No 'thing' can exist or be understood except in relationship to the whole.

But what is the whole?

To begin to understand holism, we must first suspend our disbeliefs and open our minds to infinite possibilities.   Holisim is a paradigm which explains who we are, why we are here and how we can live our lives in harmony with ourselves and our natural world.

Holism takes into account the whole of our knowledge from what is accepted as the big bang theory, the growth of our universe and the formation of our planet.  It includes all aspects of life, including our internal and external relationships and especially the fact that our survival is dependent on Planet Earth.  But today we see that we are the dominant species that is rapidly destroying our environment in our quest not to live, but for a particular lifestyle based mostly on ignorance and false beliefs and it's literally destroying our own lives.

Humanity as a species has an intellectual and structural advantage over all other species and we dominate this world.

Hindrances to life

Our ignorance, selfish attitudes, lifestyle and beliefs are the cause of our suffering and the destruction of our planet. Our attitude that we own and have dominion over the Earth is wrong, the attitude we have certain rights before others is wrong, our self judgement is wrong.  We are here as individuals to share and co-create in paradise, yet we are rapidly destroying that paradise and denying happiness to generations of people.

A Revolution is Required

This revolution does not require guns or war, it requires the abandonment of all attitudes and practices which cause suffering, it is a revolution in our own hearts and to achieve this, we must stop, suspend our beliefs and disbeliefs, and begin to try being compassionate toward oneself and those around us.  We need to arm ourselves with knowledge and find the courage to exercise our humanity in order to become responsible for our selves and stop blaming others.

Kymatica Full Length Movie HD

The Kymatica documentary that spells out the whole and the interconnectedness of all. Kymatica, in a nutshell, shows the viewer that everything our modern society has taught us is wrong.  The misinformation we are fed everyday is leading humanity further down a path of self-destruction; that is, unless we can wake up and better ourselves to ultimately better the world as a whole. Among a few of the topics discussed are: religious myths and the perversion of their true meaning, laws and the limiting of freedom, our leaders and their connected bloodlines, the “true self", and our false history.  This film is packed with lots of mind-expanding information. You won't be disappointed.

If you have paid attention to the movie, you may understand although no doubt there are a few 'buts', however we must own our own lives and free ourselves from external controls in order to experience freedom and be responsible for our own lives.

The current state of our civilisation seems beyond repair, its time to stop, admit failure and start again on a more equitable footing.  When this revolution in our hearts takes place, disease will be no more.

For our individual health and the survival of our species, wake up and address the root of your problems.

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