Life is meant to be blissful
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A path to unity and community


Life co-existing in time and space

Yoga as a word means simply means unity, but yoga as properly understood is a science of 'self' - it is a way to answer the age old questions; who am I, why am I here and how can I be happy.

Just think, you and I, we have this body, it's such an amazing organism yet we know so little about it. Yoga helps to better care for and understand this body in much the same way a good mechanic knows and cares for your car.

We also have an amazing mind; yet it often runs our lives in a way that often causes anxiety, fear and suffering. Yoga offers a way to take ownership of our minds so as to manage them that they only serve our needs.

The consequence of yoga practise is an increase in health, fitness, joy and happiness; or a reduction of suffering.  In this effect, yoga is a panacea for not only mankind's ailments, but it's also eco-friendly.

Not a religion

Yoga is inclusive, it will help a Christian become a better Christian and a Muslim become a better Muslim, yet Yoga is not sectarian and not a religion. Note that while yoga is practised by some Hindus, it is only because yoga originated in the land of the Hindus, (Hindustan as the country was named hundreds of years ago).

Yoga offers a way to free us from the sufferings of our bodies and minds,  and when we transcend our individual suffering, we become more successful in life and business without stress.

The practise of yoga leads to a harmonising of our day to day lives and over time, all stresses fall away. Without stress we become more successful, happier and joyful.

"The Indian term 'yoga' is derived from the Sanscrit verbal root 'yuj,' 'to link, join, or unite,' which is related etymologically to 'yoke,' a yoke of oxen, and is in sense analogous to the word 'religion' (Latin 're-ligio'), 'to link back, or bind.'  Man, the creature, is by religion bound back to God. However, religion, 'religio,' refers to a linking historically conditioned by way of a covenant, sacrament, or Quran, whereas yoga is the psychological linking of the mind to that superordinated principle 'by which the mind knows.'  Furthermore, in yoga what is linked is finally the self to itself, consciousness to consciousness; for what had seemed, through māyā, to be two are in reality not so; whereas in religion what are linked are God and man, which are not the same.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Hatha yoga

Neuroscience research has shown that meditation
and mindfulness training can positively alter your brain.

Harmonising - the science of physical health.

The physical exercises are called 'asana', these tone and strengthen the body, increase suppleness or flexibility and balance all bodily systems such as the endocrine and reproductive.

In conjunction with the asanas, this exercise system is further refined by breathing exercises. These strengthen and balance the nervous system, and pave the way for meditation.


The practise of looking inwards which leads to the improved programming or control of our minds and often a sorting of the stuff we keep in there that no longer serves.

When our minds are less cluttered, they work more efficiently and actually serve us instead of running our lives. The mind can be likened to a computer, the more stuff on the hard drive, the less efficiently it works.

"Yoga essentially means that in search of wellbeing, you don’t look up. Because if you look up, you will hallucinate, you will start imagining things which are not in your experience. And above all, you do not know which is up and which is down. In the last hundred and fifty years, most of humanity looked up, and a small segment looked out – gathering wealth and building palaces. But today, a large part of humanity is looking out instead of up. If we look out for human wellbeing, we will destroy the very basis of our existence, which is what we are doing. We have different names for this – ecological problems, global warming, climate change – but human beings are just looking out in pursuit of wellbeing. That is all it is. The only ultimate solution, and the only way human beings will truly know wellbeing, is by turning inward. This is what yoga means. Not up, not out, but in. The only way out is in." ~ Sadhguru

Yoga practice is a path of self discipline enabling acceptance, awareness, peace, discovery, health and prosperity, with integration of Mind, Body & Spirit of the practitioner. It is thought that only when each and every one of us becomes more enlightened can we resolve the current crises of humanity.

“To live a life of spontaneity, truth, love and beauty is to live in heaven.
To live a life of hypocrisy, lies, compromises and according to others, is to live in hell.”

Feed your soul love and your fears will die hungry.

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"As long as you do not live totally in the body, you do not live totally in the self." B.K.S Iyengar


  • Why are we here
  • How should we live our lives
  • Why do we suffer and can we end our suffering
  • What is the absolute nature of our universe and human existence?

The answer is yoga.

The Greek word Χριστός(Christ) refers not to a person but to a cosmic intelligence at the root of all life, which is organized (ordered) as a series of cosmoses.

As Christ said through Jesus (Yeshua), "I AM the light of the Kosmos (order)." Therefore, any Being that is transformed through the light, that takes the path of the light, becomes a Christ, a Christified One. Christic light transformed him, through the alchemical work. Krishna, Jesus, and Buddha are each also Christ because they transformed themselves through the Christic light. ~ Art of the Initiate

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